Digirad 2020tc Single Head Nuclear Gamma Camera

The Digirad 2020tc Single-Head Gamma Camera is a compact, lightweight, solid-state gamma camera that is designed to offer maximum clinical versatility, convenience and flexibility virtually anywhere you need to perform nuclear medicine studies within a hospital, nuclear imaging facility or academic center.  It is a “workhorse” system that requires no room renovations or floor anchoring, and is available for quick use once you wheel it into a room and plug in the system.

Digirad 2020tcNuc Med 2020tcSingle Head Solid StateDigirad solid state detectorMobile 2020tc small foot print unit


The Digirad 2020tc’s compact size, all in one architecture with on-board display and medical image analysis for physician viewing, along with its optional Reach Accessory, make it Digirad’s most versatile and flexible gamma camera.  The Digirad 2020tc nuclear gamma camera enables nuclear departments to increase productivity substantially without adding more space or undertaking costly renovations.


The Digirad 2020tc Imager maximizes patient comfort: it enables you to adjust the camera to fit the patient’s position.


Digirad’s proprietary solid-state technology combined with Direct Position Sensing results in exceptional intrinsic spatial resolution that increases image contrast and image clarity with consistent high performance for every patient…every day.

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