Digirad Cardius 2 SPECT Solid State Nuclear Imaging Camera

The Cardius®2 Spect is a compact, solid-state nuclear imaging system that is designed for dedicated cardiology applications that require fast acquisition time. The product offers the smallest footprint available today, fitting in a 7’ x 8’ room. The open architecture of this upright imaging system helps eliminate claustrophobia and increases patient comfort.

The system features the Solidium detectors, Digirad’s progressive third generation solid-state technology. The dual head detector system is designed to accelerate the image acquisition process, resulting in higher patient throughput. The same high quality imaging studies and system reliability are achieved, yet in half the acquisition time. These features make this high performance system an ideal fit for in-office cardiac imaging.

Distinguishing features include:

· Dual head system equipped with the Solidium detectors

· A 17″ display monitor consisting of a state-of-the-art active matrix color LCD screen

· Acquisition software featuring user-friendly, pull-down style menus and multiple active windows

· Two very thin, light weight, detector heads – 3.5 inches thick (with cardiac collimators attached)

· Shielded for imaging at 60-300 keV


Cardius-2 (DHC)


· Height 150 cm (59 in) 150 cm (59 in)

· Length 142 cm (56 in) 71 cm (28 in)

· Width 73 cm (29in) 76 cm (30 in)

· Weight 250 kg (551 Lbs) 182 kg (401 Lbs)

· Total System Weight 432 Kg (952 lbs) est.


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