Siemens CCAM

With a small footprint and user/patient friendly design, the CCam makes it easy to offer cardiology services in nearly any office space.  It allows reduced motion artifacts, an optimized field of view and attenuation correction for enhanced specificity and sensitivity in myocardial perfusion imaging.


• 450lb weight limit
• 90º fixed dual detectors
• Motion Correction software
• Reclined position imaging
• Quantitative cardiac software with options including:  

Custom NEW Dell Workstations with the latest Windows Operating System and 4DM or Cedars CSI Software!

• Complete Installation, Applications Training and 1 year Warranty

Siemens CCam Front View Siemens CCam Patient Top View

Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call one of our sales representatives at 724-774-1400 to learn more about OVIS unique molecular imaging solutions.

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