Gamma Camera System Upgrades


     Upgrade your current diagnostic systems to ensure high-quality performance without the need to purchase new equipment. To extend the clinical utility of an out-dated nuclear gamma camera system, Segami offers an acquisition solution for many popular models. A single slot PCI card is utilized in our Mirage workstation to acquire all available acquisition types, including Gated SPECT. This solution allows you to integrate older nuclear gamma camera systems into your existing (DICOM) network.  Optionally, you can use our other processing software options to bring your system up to date in respect to the latest level of clinical applications.

Computer Upgrade to the Latest Technology
PC with Windows 7/8.1/10 (replacing Win XP)
Newest 4DM or Cedars CSI processing software available
Full DICOM 3.0 connectivityGamma Camera System Upgrades
Hardcopy on standard color printers

Enhanced Clinical Utility
Support for all acquisition protocols
UltraSpect Wide Beam Reconstruction
Fast Gated SPECT processing
Easy to use Windows interface

Reduced Operating Costs
Replacement of operator console
Single User Interface to control your camera
Improved reliability