Toshiba – Single & Dual Head Gamma Camera & Workstations


The Toshiba 7100 and 7200 Nuclear Gamma Cameras are high performance single and dual detector fixed angle nuclear gamma cameras with flexible patient positioning for planar imaging, whole-body scans, cardiac and general SPECT studies and high throughput for every acquisition type. The gantry, with its motion flexibility including caudal/cephalic detector tilt, offers full clinical utility for general purpose, cardiology, oncology, and neurology studies. Please don’t hesitate to call one of our sales representatives at 724-774-1400 to learn more about OVIS unique molecular imaging solutions.


Single and Dual-head solution with fixed 180° angulation
• Open gantry design
• 3/8″ crystal
• Automatic body contouring
• Whole body acquisition
• Wide range of collimators
• 12 months warranty
• Service contracts to meet your needsToshiba 7100 Single Head Nuclear Camera Toshiba 7200 Dual Head Nuclear Camera