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Digital Nuclear Imaging Cameras and Support at OVIS       Welcome to our website at  At OVIS our goal is to provide our customers with unique cost effective nuclear imaging solutions that will enable our customers to operate in today’s challenging market. In this site you will find some of the industry’s most innovative and reliable products including new and pre-owned equipment and medical software solutions.

       Our new products are highlighted by 5th generation solid state Digirad™ detectors that reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and lower scan time. We also provide unique viewing solutions by Thinking Systems™ that utilize Cloud based PACS technology for workstations and 3G/4G LTE mobile devices.

Pre-owned and updated nuclear imaging products from OVIS look and operate like new, and will enable you to incorporate current technology benefits while saving costs and improving your efficiency even under the tightest budget.

Our experienced staff can help you find just the right product or service to fit your needs. Whether it is resources for image management, nuclear imaging equipment or vendor independence, we will work to find the perfect solution for you.


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