QGS/QPS Quantitative Cardiac SPECT Processing

As an authorized distributor of Cedars-Sinai cardiology medical group / Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM) Cedars Cardiac Processing software, OVIS Imaging can add value and enhance your Nuclear Cardiac Imaging diagnostics. Customized  solutions can be tailored to incorporate general  nuclear imaging modalities and always support Dicom  PACS integration. Single or Multi-access configurations allow centralized processing while the Doctors read and interpret from their office computers locally or remotely.

Cedars Processing Workstations

To learn about the basics of CSimport and QGS/QPS and how they benefit you,  send us a message to request an initial evaluation of your current Cardiac Processing Workstation needs. Cedars heart Sinai and the AIM team have made advancements in Nuclear Cardiology Quantitative Processing that benefit small offices, large hospitals, as well as the growing imaging department.

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