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Gamma Cameras

Gamma Cameras and Mobile Cardiac Imaging Solutions


Complete Packages Including Camera, Hot Lab, Technologist, and ACR Certification


Mobile Imaging, ACR Certification, Gamma Camera Removal, Warranties and More


OVIS Stocks a Large Inventory of Toshiba, GE, Siemens and Medical Nuclear Imaging Parts

We Buy Gamma Cameras!

Did you know we buy Gamma Cameras, Processing Workstations, Nuclear Medicine Stress Treadmills, Hot Lab Equipment and various parts used in Nuclear Cardiology? If you are interested in selling your Gamma Camera or related equipment (please Nuclear Cardiology Equipment ONLY) then click the button to submit a brief informational form about your item.

Reconditioned Gamma Cameras

Our nuclear gamma camera re-manufacturing and reconditioning process includes a complete disassembly, inspection and replacement of all worn or defective parts, including detector Nal crystals that carry a two-year warranty. Our expertise to completely recondition any nuclear camera we purchase, allows us to offer reliable re-manufactured equipment, which will enable you to rebuild existing assets and achieve significant cost savings in the process.

Learn More About TURNKEY

What is Turnkey and how can it benefit me?

No Cost Startup

Interested in "No Cost" startup solutions? Ask us how we can facilitate getting your office from ground floor to patient scanning with no initial investment.

Planning, Licensing, Facility Design and Beyond

Let OVIS provide you with New & Reconditioned camera options, processing software, Technicians, Isotopes, Hot Lab equipment and even ACR Certification. We customize design and installation based on your existing office floor plan.

Financing to Meet Your Needs

OVIS offers various financing options to meet your needs including Direct Purchase, Fee-Per-Use, and Leasing options like Lease with Buy-Out, Lease with Trade-In, or Variable Term Leases.

Industry Leaders

Ohio Valley Imaging Solutions is an independent gamma camera and service provider, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Toshiba, Siemens, GE or Philips

Professional, Quality New & Reconditioned Gamma Cameras at Affordable Pricing