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Gamma Cameras
Gamma Cameras
Gamma Cameras
Gamma Cameras

OVIS Imaging will build you a complete, practice ready stress lab including camera, isotopes, hot lab, treadmill and more.

Gamma Cameras

New or Re-manufactured, let OVIS Imaging help you balance price and performance 

With a small footprint and user/patient friendly design, the Siemens CCam makes it easy to offer cardiology services in nearly any office space.

Distinguished from all other gamma  cameras with a compact, patient-friendly open design featuring exclusive solid-state detectors.

Includes dual-head cardiac solution with fixed 90° angulation, open gantry-design, 3/8″ crystal, automatic body contouring, and a 12 month warranty.

Custom designed
processing workstations.

Invia 4DM and Cedars Sinai CSimport with QGS/QPS

All systems come standard with Windows 10 and a large 24″ Ultra sharp monitor (larger or other spec. available on request), and are configured specifically for the imaging environment they will be utilized in.

Cedars QGS/QPS

Custom Built Workstations

Enhance your clinical flexibility, data management and diagnosis.

Gamma Cameras
Gamma Cameras

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