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Nuclear Medicine

     Founded by Dave Buckenheimer, OVIS Imaging Solutions has been in operation since 1997 and is now servicing customers throughout the United States.  OVIS Imaging’s combined experience of over 80 years has inspired trust from our customers and proof of commitment to serviceOur pledge to the latest technologies in the ever-changing field of nuclear medicine provides expertise to help guide our clients through any process, establishing and maintaining cost effective qualities of their own imaging facility and gamma cameras.


     OVIS Imaging Solutions provides customers with unique cost effective nuclear imaging solutions that will enable them to operate in today’s challenging market.   We promote the industry’s most innovative and reliable products including new and pre-owned gamma cameras, equipment, parts and imaging software solutions.  Our reconditioning process utilized throughout our climate controlled parts and equipment refurbishment center guarantees and warranties only quality products.  OVIS is a certified re-seller for Digirad, Cedar Sinai, Invia, Thinking Systems, Segami and more.

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