Digirad Cardius 3 Xpo Reconditioned Gamma Camera

The Reconditioned Digirad Cardius 3 XPO provides up to a 38% imaging acquisition efficiency advantage over other industry-leading cameras while maintaining comparable image quality.


Digirad Cardius 3 XPO

  • COMFORTABLE – Compact and open upright design simplifies patient ingress & egress
  • COMPACT – designed for minimal space requirements (7’ x 8’)
  • VERSATILE – can handle patients up to 500 lbs
  • EFFICIENT – Up to 38% more efficient than competitive dual-head system designs and capable of performing a 7-minute stress acquisition study.
  • HIGHER CLARITY –  high definition solid state (HDSD) and TRUACQ count-based imaging
  • FLEXIBLE – the ability to simply relocate the Digirad Cardius 3 XPO to another office or room
  • Windows 7 Operating System
  • Motion Correction software
  • SeeQuanta™ TrueACQ™ count based imaging.
  • 4DMSpect Cardiac Package
  • Complete Installation, Training and 1 year Warranty
  • New Prominence workstation with new hardware
  • N Speed (Half time imaging Software)


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Manufacturer Digirad
Model Cardius 3 XPO
Detectors Triple Head Solid State
Collimators 3 x Cardiac (High Resolution)
ECG Gate Included
Warranty 12 Months