Digirad Cardius 3 Xact

Cardius X-ACT is a rapid cardiac SPECT/FAC imaging system that features low-dose fluorescence attenuation correction. This Digirad camera has significantly elevated the performance and clinical confidence in nuclear cardiology to a level that was once unimaginable. Today, it represents an advanced fully-integrated SPECT/FAC design.


The Digirad Cardius 3 XACT is the world’s first and only solid state SPECT system that features:
• Solid-state detectors
• Rapid imaging detector geometry
• A fully integrated low dose volume CT attenuation correction approach
• 3D-OSEM reconstruction techniques
• Upright Imaging


The advanced Digirad camera features that support the superior quality of studies performed on the Cardius X-ACT are:

Low Dose Attenuation Correction
The system affords high statistical precision with up to
1,000 times less patient radiation exposure than other
commercially-available CT-based AC approaches.

Easy To Operate and SiteDigirad Cardius 3 Xact Patient
With its compact, lightweight design of less than
1,000 lbs., the system can be installed in as little
as an 8’ x 9’ room.

Fully-Integrated SPECT/FAC
Without movement of the patient between emission and
transmission images, the co-registration accuracy is
substantially improved.

27” Wide-Beam Field of View

With a wide 27” transverse beam and the use of a novel
mono-energetic fluorescent X-ray line source, transmission
images are free of truncation or beam hardening artifacts.

Open Upright Design
The patient-friendly, open, and upright design allows for
easy access for patients up to 500 lbs.

Modern Solid-State Detectors
Digirad’s proprietary solid state, high definition detectors
offer superior clinical performance and reliability.

Rapid Imaging System
The high efficiency, solid-state triple-head design with
nSPEED™ 3D-OSEM reconstruction, and integrated
attenuation correction reduces total imaging time.


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Manufacturer Digirad
Model Cardius 3 XACT
Detectors Triple Head Solid State
Collimators 3 x High Resolution
ECG Gate Included
Warranty 12 Months