QPS/QGS Quantitative Cardiac SPECT Processing

As an authorized distributor of Cedars Sinai/Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM) Cedars Cardiac Processing software OVIS Imaging can add value and enhance your Nuclear Cardiac Imaging diagnostics. Customized solutions can be tailored to incorporate general nuclear imaging modalities and always support Dicom PACS integration. Single or Multi-access configurations allow centralized processing while the Doctors read and interpret from their office computers locally or remotely.

To learn about the cedars-sinai cardiology medical group and the basics of CSimport and QGS/QPS, send us a message to request an initial evaluation of your current Cardiac Processing needs. Cedars Sinai and the AIM team have made advancements in Nuclear Cardiology Quantitative Processing that benefit small offices, large hospitals, as well as the growing imaging department.

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Dell Workstations Built on Today’s Current Hardware

The foundation of your Cedars Cardiac Processing Workstation is the Computer.  OVIS Imaging custom designs, orders and builds your workstation with purpose and functionality in mind.  All systems come standard with Windows 10 and a large 24″ Ultra sharp monitor (larger or other spec. available on request), and are configured specifically for the imaging environment they will be utilized in.  All Cedars packages carry a 1 year service/support and patch upgrade inclusion.  We recommend that subsequent annual or multi-year service packages be considered to ensure the reliability and continued update cycle of your new Cedars Processing Workstation.  If you require a special modification or other solution not generally offered, you have come to the right place.  Tell us what you require and OVIS Imaging Solutions will incorporate your needs into a one-off upgraded OVIS solution.

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