Nuclear Medicine Gamma Cameras


OVIS is currently marketing the following new gamma camera systems:CARDIUS 3XPO Nuclear Camera

Digirad Cardius 1 XPO
Digirad Cardius 2 XPO
Digirad Cardius 3 XPO
Digirad 2020tc Imager
Digirad Cardius 2m XPO
Maicam 18 – Portable Cardiac Camera
IS2 Pulse – Open Gantry Cardiac Camera
Segami Mirage Process\Review Workstations


Introducing the Cardius 3 XPO from Digirad.  The only dedicated cardiac SPECT triple-head solid-state technology nuclear gamma camera.  Now available at OVIS!  To purchase this product please call or contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives at 724-774-1400.




     Our nuclear gamma camera re-manufacturing and reconditioning process includes a complete disassembly, inspection and replacement of all worn or defective parts, including detector Nal crystals that carry a two-year warranty.  Our expertise to completely recondition any nuclear camera we purchase, allows us to offer reliable re-manufactured equipment, which will enable you to rebuild existing assets and achieve significant cost savings in the process.


2009 Philips Cardio MD Series III

Siemens – CCam & ECam Gamma Cameras

Philips/ADAC – Cardio MD & Whole Body Gamma CamerasPhilips Cardio MD
Toshiba – Single & Dual Head Gamma Camera & Workstations
Siemens E.Cam – Signature Series
Digirad Cardius 3 Gamma Camera
Digirad 2020tc Single Head Gamma Camera
Digirad 2020tc Single Head Gamma Camera – Mobile
GE Ventri Dual-Head Cardiac Camera
Digirad – Cardius 2 SPECT Camera

Toshiba – Brain SPECT Triple Head


Call or contact us for pricing and availability on the like new GE Ventri at 724-774-1400 and take advantage of our fully tested and guaranteed replacement parts at discounted prices.